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Dentist Marketing Agency

Marketing and advertising specialists for helping dental practices grow

We are CHS, a dental marketing agency that is dedicated to propelling dental practices into the forefront of the industry. Offering a whole host of end to end marketing and advertising services, we have a solid history of achieving success through data-driven, goal-oriented marketing strategies. We’re proud to be an independent dentist marketing agency, so whether you’re looking to grow your dental patients or introduce new dental treatments, we know how to help you shout about it.


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Our Marketing & Advertising Services for Dentists

With a range of all-encompassing marketing and advertising services at our fingertips, we offer a complete solution when it comes to creating a powerful and compelling brand identity for your dental practice. Our range of end to end services helps to build the foundation to your achievements: 

If you’re a private dentist, you can leave the marketing to us – we’re professional, ethical and transparent with everything we do.

Dental Marketing & Advertising Experts

Meet our team of dental marketing professionals, each an expert in their field. With a wealth of experience across the dental and healthcare industry, we know how to tailor strategies to elevate your dental practice, whilst attracting and retaining patients most valuable to you.

Senior Animator & Editor and 3D Artist

Andy McHardy

Managing Director

Chris Southgate

Planning Director

Amy Ratcliffe

Dentist Marketing & Advertising Services

Integrated campaigns

Our innovative strategies span digital and traditional platforms to increase the visibility and create a cohesive message for your dental practice.

Digital acquisition & lead generation

Armed with data, we employ inventive tactics to attract and nurture potential visitors for your dental practice.

Video production for dentists

Illuminate your dental practice through captivating video production. Our team knows how to create visual stories that engage and resonate, showcasing your expertise.

Photography for dentists

Visually communicate the message and values of your dental organisation with our bespoke photography services.

Dental brand positioning

Craft a unique dental brand identity that resonates with your audience, establishing a formidable presence within the dental landscape.

Content marketing

Content can be a powerful tool for educating your patients. Elevate your practice with content marketing, from captivating blogs to immersive visuals, we bridge the gap between you and visitors.


Get noticed by the right audience. Explore our CGI, AR, and VR services for the next leap in dental branding.

Outdoor media

From billboards to digital displays, we captivate passersby, spreading your message and driving brand awareness.

Print marketing for dentists

Delve into captivating print materials that inspire and showcase services you offer. From brochures to magazines, our visuals and printed materials educate and engage your patients with informative yet visually-striking content.

Why choose CHS as your dentist advertising agency?

With over 50 years of experience and a fresh and innovative approach to getting your brand noticed, we are a team of professionals who understand the challenges when it comes to advertising for dentists across the UK. With plenty of awards under our belt, we know how to approach creative advertising for dental practices head on, whether that be with the goal to attract new patients, or showcase the dental treatments you have on offer, we have the team in place to help you succeed.


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