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Founded in 1947. The British Horse Society is now the largest and most influential equestrian and horse welfare charity in the UK with almost 100,000 members.

They are also recognised as a world-leading training and assessment provider. Producing the internationally recognised BHS Career Pathways program, that sets the standards required for a career in the equine world.

The issue that BHS faced was one of logistics. The program was moving away from its traditional instructional teaching style to a ‘guided learning’ philosophy. As such, the program trainers needed to be brought up to speed on how to deliver the various stages of the program using the new technique. Not an easy task with the trainers spread throughout the country.

So, rather than embarking on a lengthy (and costly) nationwide roadshow or look for a cheaper alternative. Our solution was to film a series of short videos. That would deliver the new approach to those who would be providing and assessing the training program.

The overall aim, to produce video content that was both educational and engaging.

BHS Accreditations

So we set out creating a video for each individual learning-module. Lasting between 5 – 10 mins long. They covered off all the essential aspects of the module content. Each video shows a trainer working alongside a trainee and discloses what type of skills would need explained by the trainer with the new guidance style of delivering the program. It also revealed what questions would need answering by the trainee in order to pass that particular module.

Alongside the ‘lesson in practise’ approach, the videos feature the voice of world-renowned expert Sam York. This helped provide further insight into the type of knowledge required by a pupil or examiner for an assessment.

BHS Horses
BHS Horses
BHS Horse Rider through water

As part of the pre-production process, we set about surveying the location for the best opportunities to film the videos. In all, 12 videos were shot on-location over an intense 3-day period. Using 20 horses, 4 examiners and 7 pupils from Wellington Equestrian Centre in Hampshire. To capture the footage, we needed to use a dual camera set-up, a sound man, assistant and a director.

We were up against it with the time allocated to shoot all the footage required and, in the end, we shot 320 scenes in just 3 days. The sound was particularly tricky to control with a howling wind generated by Storm Gareth raging outside. Thankfully, when Sam York came to our studios to provide the post-production narration, there were no such problems!

CHS owned the project from start to finish. Everything from planning, scripting, production, post-editing and voiceover overlay was executed by the team.

The client was thrilled with the result and The British Horse Society continues to report an uplift in interest and uptake of their Career Pathway program.

All the videos can be viewed on the BHS Pathways website.

Thank you for all your efforts and patience and thank you for doing such an amazing and professional job, I know it’s not been easy for you.

Sam York FBHS UKCC 3, BCA (Hons), International Equestrian Coach, BE Accredited Coach, 12-21 BE coach, BHS Assessor.


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