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We are a specialist content strategy agency helping to create memorable content that stays in the hearts and minds of consumers.

Content strategy is a marketing technique for creating beneficial, relevant and consistent content to attract a specific demographic with the purpose of driving them to take action.

So how do we do this?

We build your brand what is essentially a roadmap. We achieve this by asking what are your aims and objectives for the campaign? What do you want to achieve? What do you want your audience to think and feel once they have consumed your message? Which channels do you want to play in? And do you have partnerships that can bring it all to life?

How do we apply our strategy to each brief?

Once we have your roadmap perfected, our planning team will be ready to execute the strategy. Our team will make sure they are completely under the skin of your brand and will start to explore the role content for your business.

We also take the time to see what ‘best’ looks like from your competitors and other players in your sector while simultaneously keeping on top of all the latest and greatest channels and formats that we should be taking advantage of.

Our Content Strategy Specialists


Alice Bicknell

Account Manager

Chloe Rendell

Production Lead

Damion Poulter

Senior Graphic Designer

Holly Wilcox

What are our content strategy specialisms?

At CHS, the specialism we choose depends on how hands-on you want us to be. We can develop content strategies from start to finish, independently. Or we can be really collaborative, using workshop-style sessions to arrive at the answers together.

Content specialisms

Aligning to a wider brand vision

Ensuring content isn't just an add-on, but an integral part of your strategy.

Objective and brief writing

Ensuring all content is created with a purpose and meets the needs of the end consumer.

Identifying opportunities

In terms of channels, partnerships, distribution methods or innovative executions.

Content creation

Working with teams to build plans, calendars, roadmaps etc., whatever our teams need to actually make magical things happen.

Multi-media content

Whether you need copywriting, design, video, photography or any other type of media to bring your content to life, we can help.

Measuring the impact

Grow organic traffic to your website, increase footfall to your store or build a brand that can be remembered. We find ways to measure the impact for continuous improvement.

How do we go beyond expectation?

As acquisition specialists, we understand the value of content as part of the marketing funnel. But also, as content creators, we know the importance of creative integrity and authenticity in content. We’re able to get that perfect balance of engaging yet effective.

Each of our teams is continually pushing the boundaries of marketing and advertising, and with the freshest minds, we can create the freshest journey for your customers and clients and make sure your message is seen by those that need to see it.

Why is content strategy important for your business?

It completes the marketing puzzle. Content is a way to engage consumers, and stay front of mind – even if they’re not looking to purchase at that very moment.

Content is an effective way to keep that conversation going, and therefore keep consideration high (for when they are ready to purchase!)

CHS is a content strategy agency based in Dorset, but we work with clients across the whole of the UK, from London to Manchester. Get in touch with us to see how we can go beyond your expectations.


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