CGI, AR and VR Services

Marketing isn’t static. Reality can be shaped, altered and augmented for you.

CGI, VR and AR have limitless capabilities. The only restrictions are those of your imagination. We can create memorable ads, spaces and filters that can enhance your consumer’s experience and make your message memorable.

How can adding virtual and augmented reality to your marketing strategy help you be noticed?

VR and AR are a perfect way to create memorable, more interactive experiences that step away from traditional advertising methods. Covid-19 has accelerated the use of virtual platforms, and consumers have embraced a more modern method of virtual and augmented reality worlds in their everyday. Giving your consumers the opportunity to experience something more interactive, whether it’s visiting a virtual gallery or even virtually trying on clothes, brands have started to explore what’s possible using these platforms, and it’s only going to get bigger with the Metaverse.

Our CGI, AR and VR Specialists

Senior Animator & Editor and 3D Artist

Andy McHardy

Our specialisms

Our CGI, AR and VR team has a vast knowledge that covers so many subjects that we have had to narrow them down to just a few. We have specialists that can cover each section of the creative process. Here are just a handful of areas which we have specialists for.

CGI, AR and VR Specialisms

Computer-generated imagery

Computer-generated imagery is any image that has been created or altered using computer software. Whether it’s a still or moving image, you can utilise CGI to enhance your subject matter and bring your brand to life.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality requires physical equipment, like a headset, that the user wears to be transported into a virtual world. VR is often used as a tool to create something out of the ordinary or to enable your audience to experience a place they normally couldn’t get to. VR can create a fully immersive experience.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a system that manipulates reality via your mobile device or AR glasses such as Google Glass, and adds elements to the regular world through images and animations. These images are overlaid within our regular world, creating interactivity as if it were in real life.

How do we approach building alternate realities for you?

We aim to shape the experience around your needs and brand ethos. The experience needs to offer the consumer an escape from their everyday life and an option to transport them to unique worlds. Rather than just throwing out concepts and seeing what sticks, we track current trends and analyse why they work and how they can be built on to further the experience to the next level. As the technologies and capabilities of this new medium are growing each day, we aim to go beyond expectations and offer a memorable experience for your users. Each user is unique and thanks to this technology they can choose how they want to interact with this medium, offering a personal experience for all.

What can CGI do for your business?

CGI offers the solution to many issues faced with conventional photography and videography. You can use CGI to visualise an object before it exists or before you receive it. Maybe you missed an important shot for a project or time isn’t on your side. Thanks to CGI you can create photo-realistic images just from a design file.

Sometimes photography isn’t an option. A product may be too large, in an unsuitable environment or too shiny leading to unwanted reflections. CGI can be used to mitigate all these issues and offer a flexible alternative. In addition, getting multiple photos of similar or identical products can lead to inconsistent lighting. CGI can be used to offer unlimited lighting options with instant and perfect results every time.

Finally, CGI can be used to re-purpose previous project models for future projects. Maybe you need to change the colour scheme of a kitchen or change a shot from daytime to nighttime. Thanks to CGI this can be done quickly and cheaply using computer models rather than re-creating all the aspects of a project physically.


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