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What is creative content?

Creative content

What do you think of when you hear the term ‘creative content’? Perhaps you are reminded of the endless poorly designed infographics or boring whitepapers that now fill the internet to bursting point? Well, while that may be considered ‘content’, it’s certainly not what we consider to be ‘creative content’ here at CHS. in this article, we will define what we feel creative content is, the formats you can find it in and will offer a few examples of our own work to give you a little taster…

What is creative content?

Creative content is the name given to media that has been created by creative teams in order to communicate a certain message, promote a campaign or idea, raise awareness or build a brand’s identity. As a Creative Content Agency, we have a tonne of experience in crafting campaigns that use a wide variety of different formats to convey one, consistent message. Below are some of the common creative content formats you’ll find:


  • Written Content: This includes blog posts, articles, website copy, social media posts, email newsletters, press releases, and product descriptions. Written content is crucial for conveying information, storytelling, and capturing the audience’s attention through compelling language and narratives.
  • Visual Content: Visual content encompasses images, infographics, illustrations, photographs, CGI, VR, AR and videos. Visuals are powerful in capturing attention, conveying emotions, and delivering messages in a concise and impactful way. They are essential for social media marketing, website design, and advertising campaigns.
  • Video Content: Video content includes promotional videos, product demonstrations, explainer videos, testimonials, interviews, vlogs, live streams and more. Video content allows for storytelling, showcasing products or services, and connecting with the audience on a more personal level.
  • Interactive Content: Interactive content engages the audience by encouraging their participation and providing an immersive experience. Examples include quizzes, polls, surveys, interactive infographics, games, and interactive ads. Interactive content is effective in driving engagement, capturing data, and creating memorable brand experiences.
  • Audio Content: Audio content involves podcasts, audio ads, branded music or jingles, voice-overs, and audio storytelling. It allows for a more intimate and convenient way of consuming content, such as listening during commutes or while multitasking.
  • User-Generated Content: User-generated content (UGC) involves leveraging content created by customers or fans, such as social media posts, testimonials, reviews, or videos. UGC adds authenticity, builds social proof, and encourages audience participation and engagement.

All of the above content formats can be utilised both on and offline, whether it’s a visual bus stop ad campaign or an online display ads campaign.


Creative content advantages

Creative content plays a vital role in helping businesses achieve their goals. Below are a few of the advantages of creative content campaigns.


  • Brand Awareness: Creative content helps businesses build and increase brand awareness by capturing the attention of the target audience. Compelling and visually appealing content can leave a lasting impression and make the brand memorable, leading to increased recognition and recall.
  • Audience Engagement: Creative content is crucial for engaging the target audience and fostering a connection with them. Interesting and valuable content encourages audience interaction, comments, likes, shares, and ultimately builds a community around the brand. Engaged audiences are more likely to develop loyalty and become brand advocates.
  • Conveying Messages: Creative content allows businesses to effectively communicate their messages, values, and unique selling propositions. Different audiences will have varying preferences in the way they consume content and take messages on board, so by getting creative with the way content is created and distributed, brands can communicate more effectively with their audiences. 
  • Building Trust and Credibility: Well-crafted and authentic creative content helps businesses build trust and establish credibility with their target audience. Educational and informative content showcases expertise and thought leadership, while customer testimonials and user-generated content add social proof, assuring potential customers of the brand’s quality and reliability.
  • Driving Conversions and Sales: Creative content can influence purchasing decisions and drive conversions. Compelling product descriptions, persuasive videos, customer reviews, and captivating visuals can help potential customers move through the buyer’s journey, from awareness to consideration and ultimately to purchase.
  • Differentiation from Competitors: Creative content allows businesses to stand out from the competition by showcasing their unique brand identity, values, and offerings. Content that highlights the brand’s distinct features, benefits, and customer-centric approach helps differentiate it from competitors and attract customers who resonate with the brand’s values.


Examples of our creative content campaigns

As a fully integrated creative agency, we have been harnessing the power of creative content for many years to help our clients to not only understand how content can help them, but to find great success with content marketing too. Below are a few examples of our creative content campaigns:

Dare to believe with Jonnie Peacock

Allianz invests millions on sports sponsorships, selectively choosing partners that share their belief in making a positive impact on people’s lives. We conceived, planned and shot a film with sprinter and Paralympic gold medallist, Jonnie Peacock. This video content was then used across various social media platforms. Find out more here.

The A-Z of pet parenting

By the end of 2018, we’d helped Petplan rework their digital acquisition strategy and achieved effective, always-on activity. But we knew we could be accomplishing more. We created The A-Z of Pethood – a one-stop glossary for pet queries. This was supported by a paid social campaign, driving audiences to further explore the glossary or start a quote. Find out more here.

myLakeland: launching a new loyalty programme

In a bid to encourage customers to visit their stores more frequently, Lakeland needed a new strategic channel. We proposed myLakeland, the company’s first-ever loyalty scheme: a free-to-join club that offers hand-picked, tailored offers for members, such as 10% off their next store purchase. Find out more here.


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