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Author: Josh Seaward

CHS produce market-leading Assessment of Value Report for Allianz Global Investors

AOV Report

Leading active investment managers Allianz Global Investors (AGI) have created a market-leading, Assessment of Value report (AOV) with help from full-service creative agency CHS.

Allianz hired CHS to handle the creative and production aspects of the project in order to deliver a stand-out, one-of-a-kind report – delivered in a way completely new to the industry.

Typically, the financial information detailed in these kinds of reports can overload the reader with information. That means those without some degree of investment expertise stand the chance of misunderstanding. 

AGI sought to remove this challenge for their clients by utilising CHS’s creative expertise. As such, the investment giant briefed CHS to produce a document that was not only informative but more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. It needed to have a ‘two-speed’ read that made it easily digestible for both the expert and everyday investor. 

As part of the brief, CHS investigated different ways to present graphs and utilise imagery, colour, white space and copy in order to maintain the investment company’s professional guidelines, whilst ensuring the report didn’t run the risk of information overload. 

A key goal was to explore how these considerations could be used to make the financial information engaging. To this end CHS designed individual fund pages with a traffic light system as part of the document’s more readable revamp, in order to demonstrate at a glance how investments performed.


Katie Ramsden, Head of Marketing for North Europe at Allianz Global Investors, said: “Sometimes when producing a report like this, you need to incorporate a creative arm in order to convey information more effectively. 

“After working with CHS, it’s clear that they understood our goal when producing this unique AOV report and have delivered results beyond expectation. 

“From the very start of the project, CHS have been attentive, creative and helpful. We are thrilled with the final result and absolutely delighted that we chose CHS for the job.”


Chris Southgate, Managing Director at CHS agency, said: “When Allianz approached us with a brief for the Assessment of Value report, naturally we jumped at the opportunity to lend our expertise. 

“At CHS, a huge part of what we do is making information interesting, engaging and compelling – and in a world where we’re often overloaded with facts and figures, that’s never been more essential. The final report looks beautiful – but most importantly makes it easy to understand what’s working in the world of investments.”

“We’re so pleased to have been part of such an exciting project for the leading global investment firm.”



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