Ali Lane

  • Digital Designer

Amy Ratcliffe

  • Account Planner

Andreia Varela

  • Photographer

Andy McHardy

  • Animator and Video Editor

Andy Kerry

  • Head of Photography

Becky Charman

  • Senior Stylist

Ben Rayner

  • Client Partnership Director

Chris Southgate

  • Account Director

Daniel Blake

  • Junior Stylist

Daniel Clark

  • Studio Assistant

David Delahay

  • Senior Publications Designer

David Eaton

  • Senior Photographer

Dominic Baldwin

  • Creative

Gerry Giraffe

  • Mascot

Holly Wilcox

  • Catalogue Designer

Ian Charman

  • Account Director

James Harvey

  • Senior Publications Designer

Jane Watton

  • Office Manager

Jo Coates

  • Stylist

Karen Delahay

  • Senior Photographer

Kerri Elliott

  • Middleweight Creative

Laura Bell

Lianne Austin

  • Stylist

Lisa Clark

  • Financial Accounts Manager

Louisa Westwood

Lucy Bruns

  • Stylist

Max Sothcott

  • Props Buyer

Mike Guppy

  • Senior Designer

Natasha Swarbrick

  • Business Director

Paul Hand

  • Director

Paul Kimber

  • Art Director

Philip Morris

  • Catalogue and Publications Production Manager

Rachel Burke

  • Junior Account Manager

Richard Adams

  • Video and Production

Rob Herron

  • Stylist

Sam Barbrooke

  • Account Manager

Sam Wood

  • Web Developer

Sarah English

  • Financial Accounts Assistant

Stefan Lockyer

  • Junior Photographer

Steve Cotterill

  • Senior Catalogue Designer

Steve Keats

  • Managing Director

Steve Pierson

  • Senior Catalogue Designer

Tom Morgan

  • Creative Director

Tony Wilkes

  • Catalogue Designer
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3rd Place Production Paradise Food off the Press 2016
Finalist 2015 Multiple categories
Winner 2016 Best Independent Communications & Content Agency - UK