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Techniques to be more creative
as a business

How to be creative is often a topic under some debate amongst industry professionals. There are those who believe we’re born being creative in life. Whilst there are other firm believers that increasing creativity is a talent. Something that can be learnt and honed over a number of years.

At CHS, we believe that being more creative is not a gift bestowed upon a handful of individuals – but a skill. One that with the right balance of time and effort can be used as a tool for new and unique forms of problem solving. When applied to our line of work, creativity proves an effective method of innovation. So if harnessed effectively can enhance our client’s space in their respected markets.

But what does this practice look like? What steps can a person or business take to improve creativity? We asked our talented team of CHS creatives for their unique insights and tips on how to get creative ideas in taking a mere thought into a possible creative marketing solution.

1. Culture

Create a culture or environment where every member of the team feels comfortable enough to share their ideas. All ideas should be welcome from everyone. What may seem a silly idea for some, may spark the beginning of something wonderful in someone else. So always encourage participation where possible.

2. Get the brief right

You can only develop amazing creative solutions if you understand the problem you are trying to solve or the goal you want to achieve. Only then will the individual or business in question be on course to being a creative brand that achieves tangible results.

3. Teamwork

The most impactful ideas are the result of behind the scenes teamwork. No one person has the ability to continuously churn out ideas one after the other because we all have off days. So it’s important that there are others present to pick up the slack during these times of mental block. Starting a creative session with some Crazy 8s is a great method to get those creative juices flowing!

4. Good things come to those who wait

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day so the same saying applies when learning how to be creative in business. It is important for any individual or company thinking creatively to allow time for good ideas to come. Pressure kills productivity so maintain regular check-ins to ensure the job is on track. It’s better to say “I haven’t got an idea yet, but I’ve done some really good thinking” than force a less impactful big idea in an hour.

5. Ride the wave

Becoming more creative or being a creative business is as much about allowing the creative flow to continue when it’s there as it is about starting the flow in the first place. If discussions are happening and ideas are building, go with it. Block out distractions, don’t interrupt and give the ‘wave’ the time it needs to play out fully.

6. Take a break from the task at hand

Mental blocks are hugely common and even the most creative brands and people will get them. When they inevitably happen it is important to give your mind a break from the task at hand. If you’ve hit a creative cul-de-sac, take a break, make a drink, go for a walk or discuss another job. Taking your mind of the problem for a period of time will allow your mind to refresh so you can (hopefully) return to the brief with a fresh perspective.

7. Keep the blood sugar up

Being an innovative business is tiring work as the brain consumes masses of energy coming up with new ideas and concepts. Ensure you eat well to keep that energy full and flowing (and indeed, when you aren’t).

8. The overnight test

If unsure about whether to decide on a particular idea or solution, think on it, allow it to marinade over a goodnight’s sleep and revisit it the following morning. A fresh pair of eyes can do wonders for the idea’s development and if on the next day you still feel it’s the direction you want to go – then it is probably a good one to run with!


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