The win-win way to update customer data

The ‘pension freedoms’ introduced in 2015 changed the pension landscape completely. People now had more choice in when and how they used their pension savings. Someone who had previously expected to retire at 60 might now retire at 55. Someone else might decide to keep working well beyond 65.

This made it even more important for Aegon to have up-to-date customer data, specifically a confirmed anticipated date of retirement. Only then could they be sure the information they sent to pension plan customers would be timely and relevant.

Our ‘magic number’ call to action

We developed a DM and email campaign, with tailored content for different age segments.

Our message was clear and supportive: Tell us if your planned retirement date has changed, so we can help you make the most of your retirement.

For customers aged 53 and over, the letter was accompanied by 12-page booklet. Presented as a handy guide to planning your journey to retirement, this offered useful tips and guidance and amplified Aegon’s overall ‘we’re here to help’ position.

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