Taking an established promotion in a new direction

Every summer since 2006, Coca-Cola has given away a free glass in a special meal deal promotion with McDonald’s.

In 2018, Coca-Cola asked us to explore ways to amplify their forthcoming pan-European campaign. How might we build on the giveaway and use the glass or its packaging as a vehicle for further engagement?

Coke Glass mobile
Coke Glass Packaging
Coke Glass Graphic

Our chosen route put the glass centre stage from start to finish. First, both glass and packaging carried the activation mechanic. Second, customers were invited to scan their empty glass to unlock entry to a digital treasure hunt through a downloadable app.

The mission?

Follow a series of clues to locate and collect five golden Coca-Cola glasses hidden somewhere in the designated city. A race against the clock with the player at the top of the daily leaderboard of each local region winning a limited edition golden glass and unlimited refills in any McDonald’s.

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