Reclaiming brand advantage in a saturated marketplace

The battle for market share in pet insurance is intensifying, with aggregator sites fuelling demand for lower-priced competitors.

Our brief: Inject new life into Petplan’s online advertising, reaffirm brand differentiators and drive significant uplift through online channels.

Creating standout with a new Petplan look and feel

Our designs drew on the most recognisable elements of Petplan’s updated visual identity to create a distinctive, yet versatile, framework for the entire suite of online advertising assets.

For display ads, we introduced an animated pet tag graphic to catch the eye and reinforce brand recognition.

Crystallizing the message around the market’s key drivers

Messaging was fine-tuned in line with research that identified four primary decision drivers.

Our creative leveraged Petplan’s new above-the-line campaign: Every trip to the vet has a story and adapted the theme for Facebook and display advertising.

Escalating ROI through prospecting and retargeting 

Working hand in hand with Flashtalking, we devised a bank of digital content for dynamic customisation according to where the prospect was in the customer journey.

At its simplest, we switched to dog-only ads for dog-owners, and tested puppy images against adult dogs, but the full matrix comprised hundreds of targeted campaign variants.

Petplan Display Banner Dog
Petplan Display Banner Cat
Petplan Display Banner Rabbit

Reviewing and refreshing for continual optimisation

We review campaign performance and refresh the ads every quarter using insights gained from the preceding months.

Our recent awards...

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