Farrow & Ball

Making colour extraordinary

Becoming a worldwide success had taken its toll on the control of both the core messaging and brand assets, including the logo. This resulted in Farrow & Ball’s point of difference becoming somewhat fragmented, and in some cases, almost lost.

We know from extensive research that people love Farrow & Ball, but the ability to replicate the colour palette, using cheaper paint, meant that people perceived that they got Farrow & Ball quality for a lesser cost.

Whereas it might be possible that you can match the ‘Elephants Breath’ and ‘Downpipe’ in terms of its colour, no other paint combines the sensational pigments and age-old methodology that produces the richness, and reaction to changing light, that a genuine Farrow & Ball paint does.

Following on from our work on various channel challenges such as direct mail and social media, we were tasked with creating a set of brand guidelines that reminded all territories across the world of the Farrow & Ball unique point of difference.

Whilst covering the standard elements of a set of guidelines; tone of voice, visual identity, logo usage etc., these guidelines made sure that they also told the story of the brand’s heritage. They also provided advice on how to market the brand USP’s to various European and North American countries.

The guidelines have been completed and distributed worldwide and are now ensuring that the Farrow & Ball narrative is being delivered across all its territories in a consistent way.

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