How does a little-known power tool brand take on the big guns?

When Screwfix first launched Erbauer Power Tools around a decade ago, the brand was positioned as a low-end, low-budget option.

In mid-2018, parent company Kingfisher came to CHS with a clear vision: “We’re relaunching Erbauer as a competitively priced premium brand for the trade. We need a photographic style to deliver the message.”

Developing an ownable style

Although Kingfisher knew what they wanted, it was down to us to evolve a look and feel that would become immediately recognisable as Erbauer.

The favoured style was a dramatic gritty reality. We would shoot the products in use at authentic work sites or in hyper-realistic sets.

Locations and logistics

We had a month to plan and a month to shoot 180 individual products. To pull off an operation of this scale called for planning and mobilisation of resources akin to making a short feature film.

We had to source and recce genuine work sites. We had to cast models and fit them with the correct work gear. We had to undergo training in how to use each product properly and safely. All this and work around the unpredictable British weather.

Kingfisher Erbauer Angle Grinder
Kingfisher Erbauer Model with batteries
Kingfisher Erbauer Drill

Lighting and layering for dramatic effect

Luckily, we had a head start in how we would achieve the grittiness in the final images, as it was our work for Screwfix’s workwear brand SITE that led Kingfisher to brief us on Erbauer.

Even so, with the huge range of locations and product types involved, this was no small feat.

Every shot was meticulously lit, stage set and directed. We then took the raw photographs and applied various filters to amplify the drama and make the product the undisputed hero of the shot.

Coming soon to a Screwfix near you

Rollout across Europe began at the end of 2018, with the new photographic style underpinning everything from above the line ads to POS and online.

As word gets around, Kingfisher anticipates a sea change among tradespeople and serious DIYers in their first-choice power tools.

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