How do you get more McDonald’s customers to add a Coke to their order?

For both Coca-Cola and McDonald’s franchisees, every meal that doesn’t include a drink is a missed opportunity. With person-to-person transactions, a friendly “Drink with that?” is often enough to make a sale.

But how do you achieve the same thing with self-service ordering?

The answer, according to Coca-Cola’s research, lay in optimising the customer experience. With the right prompts, 52% of people who ordered through a McDonald’s touch-screen kiosk and didn’t buy a drink were open to adding one.

Our brief was to take the research findings, which identified four main barriers to drink purchase, and look at how these could be offset during the customer journey.

This encompassed everything from interstitial suggestive sells and menu presentation refinements to redirecting attention with colour and remodelling the order confirmation screen.

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