Milk & More

Helping us to live sustainably

Deeply rooted as a British icon, Milk & More continue the milkman legacy and its expansion. They’re passionate about encouraging people to eat well and live sustainably. Which is why they promote milk in glass bottles, organic fruit and veg with no pointless plastic, artisan breads and eco-friendlier cleaning products – all delivered by one of the largest electric fleets in the country.

We’ve been helping them deliver this message, and grow their customer base, in what had been a declining market for 15 years, initially through the design and production of their monthly (now weekly) door drops and photography, across all channels, designed to convey a modern approach to a traditional service.

The photographic style, created by our in-house team of stylists, matches ‘product to season’ and is shot in our studio – allowing us to control the consistency, something that had been lacking prior to us coming on board. Several shoots have also been conducted on-location, with our team often getting up bright and breezy to capture the early morning light – just like the milkman.

More recently we have developed Milk & More’s online acquisition display ads and animated social ads to engage customers online. We have also written and sourced all elements of production, including the all-important voiceover artist, for their current radio commercial, which has reported their highest number of online customer sign-ups in a month.

Our recent awards...

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2nd Place Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture 2020
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