Financial Fitness

Our brief from Satsuma Loans was to undertake a 3 month project to discover, define and design a digital user experience for their new Financial Fitness offering. 

With the need to be seen as responsible lenders, all financial organisations are looking for ways to help their customers stay financially healthy. The financial fitness offering from Satsuma loans would allow customers to keep a close eye on their finances and stay in control. 

We outlined and ran a robust, user centric definition piece which interrogated the customers feelings about the offering, defined the form the service should take, and how the user would interact with that service.

We used a research based approach to shape an interactive prototype which became our final deliverable. This piece of work went on to be used internally as both guidance for a successful use of the new brand and a roadmap to development of the main Satsuma app, and potentially further work across the Provident group.

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